gem install rails
— we wish it were that easy.

"How do I install Ruby on Rails?" — a seemingly ridiculous question for experienced Rails developers that gets answered with a succinct "Run gem install rails." on many forums.

But this is not even half of the truth.

An efficient Rails development environment requires quite a bit of work:

Then switch to another development machine and go through the same steps all over again (better make sure that you install the exact same versions).

Or watch your co-developers going through these same tedious tasks, possibly on another operating system and thus ending up with a slightly different environment.

Or pull your hair out trying to simulate two or more Rails applications communicating over the network.

Things do not have to be so complicated.

Today even the smallest notebooks have more than enough processing power to run (even more than one) virtual machines for all kind of purposes.

It is only logical to put this power to use for developing Rails applications.

Meet Developing with Vagrant,
the second book of the Efficient Rails DevOps series


I have been developing Rails applications in various ways for the last ten years.

Staying true to the series' name, Developing with Vagrant represents what I think is the most efficient approach.

You can make it through the book's 36 pages in one go easily. Subsequently, you will know how to …

Developing with Vagrant comes bundled with 2 meticulously built sets of Vagrant boxes: One set dedicated to Rails development — spin up and start developing! — and one set with minimal OS installations for you to tweak to your own needs.

Each set consists of a CentOS 7 as well as an Ubuntu 14 box.

Full support for Rails 5

The techniques described in Developing with Vagrant are tried and tested with the latest Rails version.

This means, among other things, full support for developing API backends and applications with ActionCable and Turbolinks 3.

Developing with Vagrant, the second book in die successful Efficient Rails DevOps series, is sold for $29.99 (your license will include free updates for life).

Yes, I want to buy the book!

Selling is handled by Gumroad (you may buy the book with your credit card or PayPal account).

Is this book for me?

Basically: Yes. Developing with Vagrant is targeted for Rails developers of any level. However, you will get the most out of it if you …

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About the author

My name is Michael Trojanek and I have been building Rails applications in my spare time as well as managing Linux servers in my dayjob for the last 10 years.

I maintain a mailing list with hundreds of members receiving weekly-ish content on Rails DevOps and Bootstrapping and I have already released two successful books for Rails developers and operators.

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